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Customized Painting Holidays

Art travel tours the way you want

Would you like to customize your trip?

* Do the scheduled dates not work for you?
* Are you a Professional Art Group that does not require an instructor?
* Are you a group of photographers?
* Would you like a longer holiday?

Whether you prefer landscape, seascapes, architecture, boats of all sizes and shapes, flowers, sunsets, sunrises, churches, or steps, you will always have an exciting subject.  One can’t help but be seduced by the colours, relaxed pace, and Croatian island culture. We are transported daily to idyllic locations all over the island, no more then 1/2 hour away.

We have 8 or 10 days on Korcula or Cavtat for the Painting or Photography Workshop. Included activities, such as hiking 101 steps to Sveti Antun Church, visiting nearby villages and islands, and enjoying the delicious Croatian cuisine, are only complimented by leisure activities such as swimming, wine tasting and the Moreska Sword dance (if available).

Art & Photography teachers are invited to bring a group of their students to the island of Korcula for a 10 day (longer if you want!) painting or photography workshop. Do as others have done and give your students the opportunity to paint or photograph the exquisite landscape that is Korcula. It has strong history of Artisans and is well suited for all students in any medium.


Teach in Croatia


The workshop is yours to design, and you can choose the number of hours and days and the price. Slikamilina organizes the package, which includes all accommodations and food, all transfers and boats, and guide services. Students arrange their own flight itinerary, including any deviations before or after the trip, travel insurance, etc. Slikamilina will be happy to make accommodation arrangements in Cavtat or Korcula, outside of the workshop dates.


Lynda has been organizing tours since 2008, and has franchised to accommodate Cavtat tours. The hope for the future is to run tours at other locations and in other languages. All groups have been unanimous in their praise for the island, the people, the cuisine–everything!

Please note that the workshop needs a minimum of 8 students and can accommodate a maximum of 14. Please get in touch with us to organise your tour! 

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