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About Us

Why a painting holiday abroad with Slikamilina?

Authentic experience and supports the local economy. You get the best Croatian adventure possible, unlike large tour companies that cattle you from village to village while you paint.

There is only 1 painting workshop to Croatia and we are it… We are specialists!

Lynda is exceptional at organizing tours… just read the testimonials. She goes above and beyond to make your painting holiday abroad an experience of a lifetime.

Our tour companions are second to none. They are all experienced with tours, know the area and are super friendly and helpful.

Customer service: all your inquiries are answered within 24hrs, if not sooner. All payments are secure payment, ensuring your personal safety. There are no hidden costs.​

There are always extras added to the tour. Come and find out what they are!

LEARN: Our groups are small and intimate. Our painting instructors are sought after for their individualized attention, easy to follow painting techniques, for the beginner, or the Matisse in you.

EAT: taste and smell clean, fresh salt air, plavi malac and grk wines and local cuisine.

PAINT: majestic scenes of courtyards, quaint villages, old stone buildings, olives on the trees, and small fishing boats. Courses in watercolour, oil, acrylics & pastels offered.

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