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Kind words shared by some
of our artists

Hear testimonials from painters just like you!

It was fantastic from start to finish. I can’t think of any way you could have improved upon your organizational skills – and you interacted so well with all the participants. You’re friendly, knowledgeable and genuine. I’ve loved working with you Lynda!

Leslie Fehling, Instructor


Lynda was a gracious host and was a very pleasant person to talk to. Very knowledgeable about the places visited. It was a pleasant tour and everyone got along great.


Lynda you were the best! Your organization, your demeanour, your knowledge, your friendliness was wonderful! This was a wonderful tour and I loved it! Leslie and Lynda, you were so much fun and I so enjoyed our time with you. Great job! I feel blessed to have been part of this and Croatia will always have a special place in my heart. Thank you! 


What I found best about this tour was meeting new people and finding them very friendly and the interaction was excellent. Everyone was very helpful, Lynda and Barry were very helpful and accommodating in every respect, socially and professionally. Overall I’m very happy with the tour, painting and locations. Lynda was a great host and Barry an excellent tutor – felt at ease with him and would most definitely come again.

Lois and Bob

Everyone was so friendly. Lynda was very organized and Barry taught what I wanted to learn. We really appreciated that we got to stay an extra night in Lović before the group arrived and that you arranged our driver and dinner in lieu of the night in Cavtat and pick up in Dubrovnik. We were well taken care of so we were really able to relax and enjoy our vacation


The tutor and group cohesion due to Lynda and Barry’s social skills with great. Non-painters felt included which does not always happen. Visits to various locations showed off Croatia really well and lots of interesting information from Lynda allowed a view into life in Croatia. Both tours guides in Korčula and Dubrovnik were very good 


I loved the organization as wherever we went it was all on time. Excellent guides in both Korčula and Dubrovnik. Well done Lynda for looking after us all so well 


The local guides were very knowledgable and for Andrea, a very good sense of humour. The variety in the meals provided was great and lunch was not heavy. Adjusting the painting location was very prompt and this made it possible for us to paint in Korčula without any hindrance. Lynda, it was a real pleasure meeting you and having the opportunity to interact with you. If you do plan any painting holidays in Canada please do keep me posted thanks


As a non-painter, I enjoyed the sights, the interaction and the local food. The tour organizer, Lynda was very well informed and delivered well. Logistics and organization was excellent. Lynda did a great job of seeing to everybody’s needs

Barb and Jim

Barry was a great teacher, funny too! Beautiful Korčula, I really enjoyed all the other artists. Very good camaraderie! Loved the band that came to us to perform. Loved the food

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