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Lynda Milina


Lynda Milina combined work and travel…

Slikamilina Painting Tours has been an established business since 2008. Lynda, who now lives in Lumbarda, Croatia, decided combining work and travel was the perfect life, and decided a tour company would be the perfect combination!

Lynda, a Croatian, South-African, Canadian (now that’s a mouthful!), grew up in Kingston, Ontario, Canada and spent every second summer in Lumbarda, Croatia visiting her family. As an adult she has continued to visit regularly particularly since Nick, her father, retired to his homeland.

Lynda, after graduating from University (with one year in Granada, Spain) and following a short stint in Real Estate, decided she enjoyed looking at the design of the interiors more than selling the house itself. She went on to study Interior Design, which lead her into a 10 year career in and outside the industry.

Having developed a love for travel, sparked by yearly holidays all over the world during her childhood, Lynda continues to explore, selecting new and exciting locations for her annual trips. August 2007 included a return trip to her mother’s homeland of South Africa for a 3 week safari…  India, Italy, Belgium and Bosnia being more recent trips. Art being her other outlet, Lynda has participated in volunteer projects for the Arts, Craft shows, and photography.  

Having not quite figured out why she never incorporated work and travel, she founded Slikamilina Painting Tours and succeeded in living her dream life! With Nick’s hometown offering an idyllic place to travel to… Lynda hopes you will join Slikamilina in getting to know Island Korcula and the village of Cavtat, while preserving them in paintings and photographs to showcase in your own home.

Lynda Milina
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