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Undine Mader

Tour Companion

When Undine left Korcula after her second vacation on the island, she left with the feeling that a new life had already started. One year later she quit her job and moved from Germany to her new adopted home: the island of Korcula.

While she studied finances in Berlin/Eastern Germany in the 1980’s, this would not have been something she would have imagined. But luckily in 1989 political development opened the door to the world for East Germans . Finally she could visit the places she had only been able to read about until then. Henceforth Undine traveled a lot and was interested in other countries and cultures from Europe, the United States, the Middle East and South East Asia. A camera was always in her backpack.

When her daughter grew up a bit it became logical for her to go back to university and study religion science. Interest in people brought Undine, years later, into journalism and this joy of meeting new people and places has never ended. With Slikamilina Painting Tours she connects her talents for communication, networking and organization and her interest in painting and photography as well.

There are so many beautiful places on Korcula island. Some are easy to find, others are more hidden. Undine likes to show both kinds to the visitors of the island. And it’s not only about the beauty of light and colours, towns and villages, sea and mountains… Undine loves to share the spirit of the island.

Undine Mader
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